Wellington Boot, Riding Boot, Field Boot and Dress Boot; Few Name You Should Know: Part-3

Boots………Boots and Boots. This post is all about cult boot that had significant value in history. Some cases these boot reflect a long history of century. Who said you won’t love’em. You gonna love them for absolute sure. First I will start with Wellington Boot.

Wellington Boot: is a style of boot that became popular in the 18th century. These boot mostly worn by military person, especially officers. Later on large civilian people also worn. Many literature of that time has reference of these boot. With a low heel and semi pointed toe made them very much practical for mounting troops. This calf length boot has a decorative tassel at the top of each shaft. Some would say that this boot also known as Hessian Boot but the name Wellington derives from the name for a leather boot of a style that was worn by the Duke of Wellington. This Wellington boot has a larger history than I thought. There should have a single post about this boot.

Hessian Boot

Hessian Boot

Riding Boot: A style of boot intended for horse riding. The boot has no exit or fastening. The boot leg reaches to just below the knee. This is very classic boot come high enough up the leg to prevent the leather of the saddle from pinching the leg of the horse rider. The sturdy toe protects the rider’s foot and a heel to prevent sliding through the stirrup (the light metal frame). Now a days riding boots having a low heel than its original height, less than one inch. Now a days only Cowboy Boot have relatively higher heel than riding boots.

There is different kind of English Riding Boots. See them at glens from bellow….

Field Boots: They were traditionally worn by officers ranked “field grade” or higher. Also worn by police officers riding motorcycles or on mounted patrols. The majority of field boots are black, although brown-colored boots may also be produced.

Field Boot

Field Boot

Dress Boots: These boots do not have lacing at the ankle, snug fitted. They also black in color. The others are Top Boots and Jodhpur Boot. On previous post i have already wrote about them. You can read that post, click here.

Next Post is about Legendary Western Cow Boy Boots and Hunting Boot.


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