The Western Cowboy Boot: History

Hello everyone, It’s been a couple of weeks that I aint write. On my last blog I did said that i will write about legendary cowboy boot. Well I writing now, in a shortwise; not so details. Cause the whole cowboy boot thing is not small history. If I will for 10 years it will not end up till that day. So…..

The Western Cowboy Boot: A boot with highly decorative stitching on the leg, of course it should be made of leather, with no “exit”. These boots famously know as COWBOY BOOT.

We should keep in mind that cowboy boots also a specific style of riding boot. Greatly worn by Cowboys. Cowboys boot have Cuban Heel, Pointed Toe, Long Leg and there should be no lacing at all.

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Traditionally cowboys boot made in length of mid-calf and angled heel of over one inch with pointy toe or narrowed toe. There is other version of cowboy boot that has called “ROPER”.  Roper have low shaft length and  heel is less than one inch.

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Cowboy boot influenced by Vaquero. The vaquero traditions developed in Mexico from methodology brought to Mesoamerica from Spain also became the foundation for the North American cowboy. Later, the industrial revolution allowed some styles of boots to be mass-produced. One mass-produced boot style, the Wellington boot, (a shorter but cavalry-oriented boot) was popular with cowboys in the USA until the 1860s.

Well today, there are million number of cowboy boots can be seen around the world. Cowboy boot have some other history related to adultery things. May be someday I may write. But I can suggest you to read Valarie Steele’s book under name “Fetish, Fashion, Sex and Power”. Good one.

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One thing to remember, some people just thing that only SPURS( metal accessory that attached to heel) makes cowboys boot. That’s not true. Its only a part of cowboy boots.

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