Opanka Constraction

The Opanka Construction is hand-sewn c Construction of the upper, insock and the outsole in a single process. For heights comfort and flexibility there is no other way than Opanka. If I say Opanka footwear is heaven for feet that won’t be too much praising for sure. The Footbed is made with double/triple or even multi-layer of foam material for better cushioning effect. The upper made from most softy leather. Leather is stain resistance mostly. Outsole generally made from rubber or the slip resistance, oil resistance or abrasion resistance materials.

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Now a day some sports type shoes are being made upon this construction. Diabetics shoe can be made upon this construction which will be very much comfortable for feet’s.

The heavy Thread allow for durable attachment of the shoes upper and lower.

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Opanka Construction is an old European way of Shoe/footwear making. Opanka Construction mostly seen in sandals, moccasins or some the in boots also.

Very recently in Shoemaking Forum of Facebook, Mr. Paul Krause of PK-Bootmaker posted about Opanka. His post reminds me of this heavy construction. Of course you will need a big hand for this construction. Very professional shoemaker tries this construction. If there is an advice on this construction for shoe maker I will say beginner should try it later. I have seen that Shoe Maker aren’t often fond of this construction, may be its too older European construction that shoe maker leave behind many years ago.

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You see Opanka normally made as shoemaker Paul Krause shared in Shoemaking Forum.

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