Bottom Parts of Shoes


This term refers to the whole of the bottom of the shoe, and will include some of the following, depending on the type of construction.

  1. Insole:

The inner sole of the shoe next to the foot under the foot next to the shoe sock. May be all in one piece or two pieces joined together (blended insole), these have a flexible forepart and a rigid back. Insoles for use in the welted construction may have a Fabric rib attached, to which the welt is stitched.

  1. Welt:

A narrow strip of leather called welt sewn around the edge of a welted shoe to the insole rib. The welt has a groove on its flesh side which houses the welt sewing.

  1. Bottom filling:

Bottom filler is used to fill the cavity between the insole and the sole. It is made of granulated cork mixture, leather or felt cut to shape.

  1. Through or middle sole:

Situated between the sole and insole. Often found in sandals, heavy walking shoes and boots,

  1. Runner:

The insole used for the Veldtschoen construction.

  1. Sole:

Covers the bottom of the shoe and is the walking surface of the shoe, often made from leather, pure rubber, resin rubber, plastic.

  1. Heel:

The under part of the shoe which supports the heel of the foot. May be stuck or nailed to the shoe bottom, Made From wood, leather, plastic, rubber, leather board, etc.

  1. Heel lifts:

Layers of material such as leather, leather board built up together and shaped to form the heel.

  1. Top piece:

That is the top or walking surface of the heel.

Some Bottom Materials

Some Bottom Materials


A collective term used to describe items which are incorporated in the shoe and includes the following:

  1. Toe puff:

A Stiffening inserted”5eneath the upper and lining at the toe of the shoe. Its function is to retain the toe shape of the last throughout the life of the shoe.

  1. Stiffener:

A stiff material molded to the shape of the back part of the last to support the back of the shoe and to grip the foot.

  1. Shank:

A strip of metal or wood used to reinforce the waist of the shoe, placed between the insole backer and the sole. Premolded to the last bottom curve.

  1. Socks:

A piece of material shaped to cover the whole or part of the insole. Inserted into the completed shoe it usually hears the makers name and the shoe brand name.

  1. Eyelets:

Tubular metal or plastic reinforcements inserted into lace holes.


The appearance of the shoe can be affected by:

  • Patterned leather
  • Perforating or embossing
  • The addition of trimmings (buckles bows etc.)
  • Mock stitching

All of these may enhance the appearance of the shoe but are not fundamental to construction.

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