5 Techniques That All Shoe Maker Need To Know





A. Designing tools: 

Shoe Making Tools

Shoe Making Tools

If you are a shoe maker or want to be a professional shoe maker, you should need to know your tools very well. Not every tool will work on your hand. Each shoe maker have his favorite and of course a suited one. So, you want to be a pro shoemaker you must know how to design your sweet tool that will work softly on your hand. For addition, there is few kind of cutting/clicking knife. You must select yours one.

B. Modifying Last: 

once you are a good shoe maker, your working hand is very well, finishing out comes impressive. Now your mind comes in this point that you can make whole lotta shoe. But! Problem is your shoe depend much more on shoe last rather than your hand. It’s a pretty nice secret to know that last aint problem anymore if you know how to create last. Well, you do not need to create last. All you need to do modify last lil bit. In this way you will able to create whole lot range of last in much variety. This will also reduce your cost for every new pair last that creating brand new pair for that new customer.Once you do that you will understand better than me.

Benjamin Bigot professional shoe making, modifying last.

Benjamin Bigot professional Shoe Maker, modifying last.

C. Designing Logo: 

Shoe Logo

Of course you are shoe maker, professional one. You have your dream shop where you sell your lovely art( I rather recall shoe an art). So, you should have a unique logo for your art which I say signature of yours line. I called it unique in this sense ‘cause now a days everybody have a logo for their business, good one bad one. But your logo should have an authentic shoe making meaning. It can be meaningful objet, letter or so on. So that your art hold on your authentication in their heart.

D. Learning Geometry: 

Basic Shoe Pattern

Basic Shoe Pattern

what do think? You are not a HighSchool kid anymore! But my friend you should know some geometry better well. The whole shoe making depending upon geometry for sure. The two dimensional or 2D form of leather become a three dimensional or 3D objet. What makes it happen! I will write about it later on someday but not today. You will know it well at then.

E. Finishing Chemical Selecting: 

Shoe Finishing Chemical

Knowing chemistry is another secret alchemy of shoe making. There is whole lot bunch of leather, mellow or cool one, charming one, candy one, exotic one. All leather became that one by not in one way. Every leather have different recipe. They all cocked upon that recipe before gone to table. You can finish your shoe by treating with some short and easy catalyst that will make your art more artistic. For example, burnished calf or Burnish leather can be finished elegantly with two way very easily. One is with natural wax which will burn leather to leave a dark effect and other one is finishing with antique polish. It will also darken leather but not so durable.

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