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Footwear Symposium: Shoemakers Guild in Ashland

Footwear Symposium: Shoemakers Guild in Ashland

In early day’s different kinds of economic activity led to distinctly different kinds of guilds. These Guilds were and are associations of artisans or merchants who control the practice of their craft in a particular town. Unlikely in modern days Guilds are hard to find. And when it comes to particular shoe/footwear maker guilds it’s really hard to find one to join.

Shoemaking profession is now become popular day by day. Number of personnel being involve to this profession. For example Keith Poh, a Singaporean banker quit his job and become shoemaker.  Vast numbers of shoemaker are quite professional and some others are hobbyist.

According to history First shoemakers’ guild is recorded in 1202. Europe was flourish land for any kind of Guild. Europe North America also famous for Guild. “Footwear Symposium” is one of Guild for shoemaker which started their journey in Ashland, Oregon of United State of America from last year 2015.

Footwear Symposium 2015

Footwear Symposium is hosted by professional shoemaker. This Symposium was created to communicate with shoe making personnel across the world. Shoemaker from different country comes and sits together to gain maximum benefits from each other. Shoemaker of different location goes there in order to exchange knowledge. Show off their work and interact with different personalities. Shoe Designer find inspiration; gather knowledge and understanding about footwear making process like construction and finishing. Shoe repair expert finds repairing material source. And Shoe Making Student/Learner meet shoe expert and learn comprehensive shoe making. Everything in a row!

This year in 24 to 26 June, 2016 the Symposium is going to take place in Ashland Hills Inn and Suites with Pre-Symposium Workshops in 22 and 23 June, 2016. In pre-symposium workshop shoemaker will teach about construction, design and finishing. Afterword Symposium will have begun from 24 June to 26 June.

In symposium there will be also a completion and show off. Beginner and Advance level are two categories to apply. Based upon Judge and Expert’s review winner will be announced. Other than that several types of day long workshop also take place on the occasion. All related information about venue, speaker, competition and registration will found in

So if you were looking for something Unique this Symposium is worthy to join. If you are professional shoemaker this symposium is for you, if you are just beginner or hobbyist this symposium is for you. If you are shoemaking industries expert/personnel I say this Symposium is for you. Join, Learn and Gather vast information about shoemaking from this Symposium.