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Rihanna in Vanity Fair Shoot in Golden Sandal

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Rihanna getting naked for the press is no longer a new thing. But each time she does it, people make a fuss — not because of its scandalous nature, but probably because of her unapologetic display — which, in reality, is very sexy. It’s clear to see that Rihanna is proud of her body and she’s not afraid to show it off. She’s got the goods, so we shouldn’t not judge if she wants to flaunt it. Besides, you have to hand it to the young woman because she does it with such finesse. For Vanity Fair’s latest issue, Ri-Ri worked with renowned photographer, Annie Liebowitz. The project’s backdrops include select locations in Havana, Cuba — such as a bar, as well as a dilapidated mansion — where the singer showcased her shapely figure in a series of provocative poses. What...

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